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Pyramid CRUD interface. Provides an administration web interface for Pyramid. Unlike classic CRUD, pyramid_sacrud allows overrides and flexibility to customize your interface, similar to django.contrib.admin but uses a different backend to provide resources. New Architecture built on the resources and mechanism traversal, allows to use it in various cases.

The list of standard backends:

  • ps_alchemy - provides SQLAlchemy models.
  • ps_mongo - provides MongoDB (doesn’t exist yet).
  • etc..

Look how easy it is to use with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy:

from .models import (Model1, Model2, Model3,)

# add SQLAlchemy backend

# add sacrud and project models
settings = config.registry.settings
settings['pyramid_sacrud.models'] = (('Group1', [Model1, Model2]),
                                     ('Group2', [Model3]))

go to http://localhost:6543/sacrud/

Example can be found here:

Support and Development

To report bugs, use the issue tracker.

We welcome any contribution: suggestions, ideas, commits with new futures, bug fixes, refactoring, docs, tests, translations etc

If you have question, contact me sacrud@uralbash.ru or IRC channel #sacrud


The project is licensed under the MIT license.

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